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Can I Stop Giving My Cat Antibiotics

Two of those side effects can be constipation or diarrhea. The antibiotic destroys bacteria in the intestine which are required for "processing" the cat's food and throws the system into chaos. Anytime a cat is given antibiotics, it is advisable to also give probiotics. Usually the advice is to give them in between doses of antibiotic. Failing to finish a course of antibiotics for your cat can result in the infection returning, often worse and even harder to treat that it was before.

If I still have antibiotics from a prior prescription, can I treat my cat with these in future? No. Namely, a cat that sustained trauma to the skin can be given antibiotics to prevent wound infection, while in case of an abscess, the treatment’s goal would be to eliminate the already present infection. However, medications from this group can also be used to combat parasites (in conjunction with other medications).

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